You and I know Apple’s mac books have been praised for their durability, build quality, aesthetics, customer support, very good sound quality among others but it looks like this year it’s not getting the first place when compared to laptops from other popular OEMs like Dell, Lenovo, and the likes.

Laptop Mag is a reputable site that is well known for their quality laptop reviews has ranked apple mac books 5th for the first time in years. Apple has always taken the first place but this year Lenovo takes that position followed by Asus, Dell, Hp, ACER ….up to the 10th position which is taken by Microsoft(surface book) though Microsoft started selling their laptops not so long ago(2015) so they can’t be blamed much and that doesn’t mean Microsoft surface books aren’t quality laptops but rather this ranking is done with so many things taken into consideration from price, to warranty, tech support, innovation and design and lastly reviews.

Now the main question is why apple mac book lost the first spot for the first time and I personally think some of the problems include:

1. Apple’s decision to not include USB type A(our normal USB ports) in their 2016 mac book pro but to rather equip it and some of their other MacBooks with the new USB type c ports or a single USB type c port on some mac books, the worst part of it is that, the same type c port is used for charging the laptop and the only way to use your usual pen drive which uses the ubiquitous USB type A port is to get a dongle/converter and there are the reports of thunderbolt 3 port not working problem too.
2. Some of their new MacBooks like the MacBook pro 2016 can’t be upgraded from 16 to 32gb and apple has taken their stance on that and claimed to add additional memory/ram reduces battery life and though true, the problem comes from the fact that professionals and content creators who use mac books will need more than 16gb of ram for their professional apps
3. Some users of the New mac book pro late 2016 with touch bar have reported that they hear noise coming from the display hinge especially when the fan is spinning fast which means some components are loose.
4. The fact that apple has stuck with 6th gen processors in their 2016 mack book pro instead of using the latest 7th gen processor though skylake(6th) and kabylake(7th) have the same DNA, kabylake(7th gen) still has better multimedia capabilities like full HEVC hardware decoding which can give you better battery life when streaming ULTRA HD Videos,14nm+ etc.

These are the reason I think mac books are being ranked lower than usual but hey they still produce good and quality computers and price is also a factor here though in previous years price didn’t make apple loose the 1st position so there is definitely some issue that needs to be ironed out. The good news is that Apple is preparing to bring newer processors(7th gen or newer) to their upcoming MacBooks and mac pros. Hope all goes well

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