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GOParcel Courier Services is registered and licensed to operate in the United Kingdom and in Ghana. 

Ghana Post has been lost from the radar of any public scrutiny or regulatory body for a long time. The postal service has become a less attractive business venture than the telecommunications sector. This has prompted private investment in this area. Among the numerous courier services companies in Ghana is GOParcel Courier Service.

GOParcel Courier Service Provides EXPRESS COURIER DELIVERY SERVICES AND MANY MORE.  Faciotech Ghana was privileged to be awarded a contract to design a unique website to serve their courier Service. By the Grace of God, we are proud to present a professional Website which through our research is the only courier service website in Ghana with Tracking Service.

The Website is easy to use with a clean, Simple, and minimalist design. The site has an integrated system that provides a simple, effective tracking solutions and productive operations. GOParcel gives you a comprehensive monitoring of your shipping activity 24/7. It allows you to track your shipments using a customized tracking result. Head over to and give it a try using this Sample tracking number, Goparcel010136.

Contact them if you need to get your package in the hands of your clients within 24 hours or less. The clock starts ticking from the moment you call in to place your order to the point when your shipment is delivered. And Trust me you will not be disappointed.

About GOParcel Courier Services

GOParcel Courier Services is registered and licensed to operate in the United Kingdom and in Ghana. It is based in Hull and provides services in the area of door-to-door, house clearance, international trade, movement, courier services in and around Hull and to every part of the United Kingdom.

They provide excellent and timely delivery services to the doorsteps of our customers to every part of Ghana and United Kingdom. Their services allow for packages to be picked from a specific location and delivered to another without the sender or recipient having to travel as a result of the package.

Why Work with them

Over the years, the postal service has become a less attractive business venture than the telecommunications sector. This may be attributed to the millions of customers of Ghana Post throughout the country and around the world who can only count their losses running into billions of cedis as intangibles. “This came about essentially because incoming mails were not received and outgoing ones abroad sometimes did not reach the intended destination. This situation makes all customers helpless and hopeless even if you pursue it, so most people will tell you to forget it.” [Source:]

I am a victim of Scams of other Private Shipping/ courier companies in Ghana. At some point, I felt reluctant to send parcels since I wasn’t sure they would arrive at their destinations. I have read several articles about Ghana post and other Courier service companies in Ghana. Through my little research, I can only recommend GOParcel courier Service to you. Not because I am the developer of their site but based on their performance on projects with them. Read More about the bad performance of Ghana post and other Serve Companies from here…………….

Being a tech hardware dealer, sending and receiving goods is frequent. I am glad to say GOParcel solved my problem. Their performance on my projects are extremely successful. They provide first class customer oriented delivery services. With their professional couriers, they are always ready to assist you with your same-day delivery needs. They don’t just deliver but apply the best practices in internal policies, procedures, processes and service delivery.  Need More Info Visit

Contact them on

GOParcel Courier

Alajo Street, Polo junction Opposite Merciful Hotel, Alajo Accra

(+233) 0207392136

(+233) 0247765063

0044 (0)7460900006


Website developer: Facio innovations Technology


Contacts: 0200522243/0240342806



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