Put Your Brains to Good Use!


They say we should advocate for “Internet for Education”, they are not wrong. We are living in a generation where technology has become a very essential tool to a better life, albeit its cons. “Everything” you need now can be found on the Internet.
I’m not against that at all.
But come to think of it, if we have everything done for us, what will our brains be use for then, playing video games? Well, that’s another uses of technology too.
SHS students as well as JHS and Basic school students are advocating for the use of internet, which is quite laudable. Except for the fact that they want to use mobile phones and ipads for studies, whiles the computer labs serve as white elephants. I find this quite preposterous!
I mean, we were never allowed to use calculators until SHS, and even then we wrote articles and essays straight from our heads. References were only available in books and news papers. And the generations before us did not have the privilege to enjoy that either, yet they excelled, even better than we did, and certainly better than this so called “computer babies” generation. 1+1 and they are searching for calculators.
Very funny.
As much as these new delopments have been of a tremendous help, it is also destroying our brains. There is so much information available for this generation. By scribbling in a few words in your search engines, you get a tail of options for you to choose from. No, you don’t even have to spell the words correctly, GOOGLE will do that for you too, so you don’t actually have to use your brains at all. It is so true when the Bible writer said “there is nothing new under the sun”. All we do now is “copy and paste”, with few changes to the wording and references, then we call it “our work”!
This is not an apologia, but a plea to individual conscience. If your brains still work for you, feed it with some good food. Read books, write articles, poems, essays, or anything. Even if nobody reads it, read it to yourself.
Rather than spending the whole night watching seasonal movies, read the stories about them, it is as good as watching them and you even get to kill several birds with one stone. Fun huh?
Do not abuse the internet!
Do your brains some good while you can!
You’ll be happy with yourself in the near future.

Estar Adania Sejoah♡

ChildrenHelpChildren (CHC)